Industrial Automation

Robots came into the world a long time ago, and at that time not even the original developers of these things ever thought they would be put to so many slavish tasks in the manufacturing world. Even when the world was gasping and panting at the gigantic robot in Johnny Sokko and His Giant Robo, the realm of industrial automation was growing by leaps and bounds.

In simple terms, anything that is used to get work done in an automated manner comes under the genre of automation. Industrial automation is when these procedures are employed in a workplace environment, especially in the manufacturing industry. These automatic devices come in various forms, shapes, and sizes, and a number of them can be used in big industries to perform several kinds of manufacturing tasks. All such automatic devices are nothing but different kinds of robots, which have a mechanical body controlled by a computer. The motions of the robots are highly sensitive through various degrees of movements, and using the computers, they can even be made to understand things like heat and pressure, even smell, in some cases (these robots are used in toxicity detection, especially in underground mines).

Where is it Used?

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Industrial automation is used in many more places than just simple manufacturing processes. Within the manufacturing ambit, robots are used to do jobs that are boringly repetitive for humans to do, and do not require much of a rationalizing intelligence. If the process is the same time after time, and no alterations are required, then a robot can be a better choice than a human, to do the task.

Other areas in which it is used are security and detection. Robots used as sentries in banks and other such sensitive areas can offer good protection, and they would not be scared to enter into a fight. Using automation in detection is also becoming an increasing area of study. I have already mentioned above how robots are used to detect toxic gases in mines. They can also be used in other areas which are hazardous to humans, such as working in high temperature units or in areas like glass manufacturing, where silicosis is becoming an increasing problem for human workers.

Why is it Used?

There are many reasons why industrial automation is used so widely today. Firstly, the robots are much more efficient than human workers. A single robot can perform the work that fifty people can do in a single day. That too, it will work without getting tired or taking breaks, and will not complain that the work is getting to be too monotonous. Companies can keep the robots working throughout the night too, and even on the weekends, i.e., a whole 24 x 7 x 365 schedule, without worrying about any human rights associations come sniveling at their door. They do not have to pay any overtimes, any incentives, and still get more work extracted from their robots. This in itself is a gargantuan advantage.

Industrial automation can also make the job much more precise than manual work. For this, we need to understand how this automation actually works. For every automated device, there’s first, a kind of training session. Using a manual controller, a human instructor will determine the optimum method in which the robot is meant to work. This procedure will take into account the minutest details of the process, and at the same time, try to improve the speed and efficiency too. When this is done, the instructions are all recorded in the computer attached to the robot. For future processes, the robot will use the same program. Hence, the work is absolutely identical with each batch. You can be assured that the robot will mix the very same shade of color, drill in the very same bore, screw on a bottle lid to exactly the same degree, etc. In short, the work you get is exactly the same with each product that comes out. Try as they might, no human can match this degree of preciseness.

Try fitting a microchip that’s a little bigger than your hair into a card and you will know why these robots are indispensable today.

How do Industrial Automation Robots Look?

There is a tremendous variety in ‘looks’ where robots are concerned. But that doesn’t mean you should get the cutest ones for your unit. The decision is always taken by experts in the technical team, as to which robot will be truly efficient for industrial processes. There are various kinds of robots. The most common ones are the simple robotic arm, which is mainly used to carry and place an object from one point to another, or to operate an end effector tool, which could be a blow torch, or a bottle-cap fitting device, or a spray paint bottle, or something like that. Then there are also the mobile robots which move on set paths and keep performing the tasks assigned to them. All these robots are operated through computers. However, today, computers used in robots are able to take some decisions on their own. Robot nurses repairing other robots are quite commonplace nowadays. Such autonomous robots are gaining maximum advantage in today’s times.

Industrial automation robots might look like assembled Lego Toys or they might look like spaceships. But, whatever their size and form, they do pack a lot of efficiency in their work.


10 Facts About Search Engines

10 Facts About Search Engines

 by: Susan Carroll

As you well know, getting a good listing on the search engines can

really help get some good, quality traffic to your site.

But how do you get a good listing? That’s the million dollar question.

Rather than explain how search engines select the top sites or how to trick them into listing your site in the top 10, let’s learn some of the facts about search engines.

Now in case you’re wondering why I don’t just give you the ‘magic’

formula or algorithm for getting a good search engine placement I’ll

give you:

Fact Number 1: Search engines change their formula frequently in an

attempt to keep quality sites at the top of the listing. They do this because of all the attempts to ‘trick’ or ‘fool’ them and, to

stay popular with their users, they need to list the most

relevant sites first.

Fact Number 2: Every search engine has it’s own formula for determining the sites and the ordering of the sites it will list. And even though they all use many of the same factors in their formulas, there is no 1 formula that will work for all of them.

As for giving you some of the tricks that others have tried to use to get good search engine placement, I’ll just say that the tricks that have worked in the past like using misleading meta tag keywords and embedding hidden keywords don’t work today and the new tricks

like creating lots of ‘spam’ sites using automatic search engine

page creators won’t be working much longer.

Fact Number 3: Search engine owners know the tricks being used and develop ways to filter them out.

Now that you know that there is no 1 ‘magic’ formula and using a ‘trick’ won’t work for long, you should also know:

Fact Number 4: Search engines do ‘black list’ sites they consider

‘spam’ and block them from being listed.

Because of all the articles and products about Google, you may think that Google has become the search engine of choice. And while Google is gaining in popularity,

Fact Number 5: Google still hasn’t captured Yahoo’s number 1position.

Even though Google isn’t number 1,

Fact Number 6: Using ‘good advice’ on how to improve your Google position will also help you with your placement on Yahoo and many other search engines.

Some of ‘good advice’ for getting a good position is to have a site

with good content and to use your keywords within your content. But the web has become so big that there are now thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of pages competing for the same keywords.

Because of this explosion in the number of pages available for generic keyword searches,

Fact Number 7: Search engine users are now adding more descriptive

terms in their searches.

Another fact that most people don’t realize about search engines is


Fact Number 8: Search engines don’t rank or list web sites, they rank and list web pages. That means every page of your site has the

potential to be listed if you set it up properly.

Since we’re getting into the realm of less known search engine facts, let’s talk about how

Fact Number 9: Search engines use their own traffic tracking

information to help determine which sites to list. If they see that

they have a top site that continually gets visited for a brief amount of time and the searchers usually come back and continue looking, the search engine may determine the site is of little value and either move it down on the list or remove it.

The last fact isn’t really about search engines but has been included to help you measure your progress as you work to improve your search engine positions.

A couple of terms you’ve probably seen many times are ‘Google Page Rank (PR)’ and ‘Alexa Traffic Ranking’. While both measure different things,

Fact Number 10: Google PR and Alexa Traffic Ranking are 2 of the best indicators on how well your search engine optimization work is going. Improving your Google PR and your Alexa Traffic Ranking can help you get a better search engine position.

About The Author

Susan Carroll owner of has formed a global community of online business people through her weekly newsletter.

Susan recently finished a free report about adding automatic content to your website that search engines can see. It’s available at:

You have permission to publish this article electronically or in print, free of charge, as long as the bylines are included. A courtesy copy of your publication would be appreciated.

This article was posted on December 12, 2005

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Social marketing theory is really quite simple. All these marketing agencies and advertisers are trying to tell you that it’s big job and it costs lots and lots of money. The truth of the matter is that social marketing is about making friends. As simple as that.

What happens when you over complicate social marketing is you start to make people mad. Before long they’ll unfollow you or unfriend you because you doing nothing but try to sell to them. If you’re looking for mass subscriptions, people blasts, mass friend finding, or anything other than opt in e-mail marketing, you’re approaching social media the wrong way.

The idea behind social marketing is really threefold:

Find people like you with same interests

Form relationships with those people

Treat everyone with respect

Now notice where marketing comes in to that equation? It doesn’t.

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Social marketing theory is about being a better friend and forming better relationships than anyone else. What happens when you form good relationships is those people buy from you, refer you, and send all of their friends to do business with you.

In fact, I like to think of social media as the world’s simplest opt-in service. Rather than double opt-in and open up e-mail clients, all people have to do is press one button to follow you or send a friend request. Now, they’ve entered your thought stream. They can see everything that you post to the rest of your fans.

So for everybody out there trying to build an e-mail marketing list, realize that social media is really just the first step. If they start to follow you and realize you’re an expert, then they’re going to start to pay attention. Now I’m not saying you can never market is people in social media, but do it sparingly. The ratio should be about 5 to 1. Five non-marketing messages to one marketing message.

Really social marketing theory is that simple. Be a good friend, treat people well, be interested, and gain a following like no other (except maybe Tony Robbins).

Indian IT industry faces twin challenges of Trump, automation | Reuters

MUMBAI Automation and the new U.S. administration were the big unknowns at the Indian tech sector’s annual shindig this week, with machines threatening to take away thousands of jobs and concerns over possible visa rule changes in the key American market.

But senior executives from the $150 billion industry, which rose to prominence at the turn of the century by helping Western firms solve the “Y2K” bug, said companies with skilled English-speaking staff and low costs could not be written off yet.

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The sector, led by Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys Ltd and Wipro Ltd, is lobbying hard as the new U.S. administration under President Donald Trump considers putting in place visa restrictions.

The administration may also raise salaries paid to H1-B visa holders, a move that could significantly increase costs for IT companies that are already facing pressure on margins.

The longer-term challenge and opportunity for the sector was automation, executives said, as global corporations from plane-makers to consumer firms bet on the use of machines to further cut costs and boost efficiency.

That threatens lower-end software services and outsourcing jobs in a sector which employs more than 3.5 million people.

Summing up the mood at the three-day NASSCOM leadership event in Mumbai ending on Friday, Malcolm Frank, Chief Strategy Officer at Cognizant which has most of its operations in India, spoke of “fear and optimism.”

Even top IT executives were “fearing the machines”, he said.

Some Indian executives, including Infosys’ Chief Operating Officer Pravin Rao, said that greater automation was expected to help engineers and developers shed repetitive jobs for more creative roles.

“Some part of the work we’ll be automating 100 percent, you don’t require people to do that kind of work,” Rao told Reuters. “But there are always newer things, where we will be able to re-purpose employees who are released from those areas.”


With rapidly changing technology, Indian IT firms are emphasizing the need for retraining their workforce, in many cases setting up experience centers and learning zones on their sprawling campuses.

Some companies are partnering with universities to design and fund education programs, while staff members spoke of employers laying on training and webinars to help develop skills in automation and cloud computing.

“The threat from automation killing jobs is more than Trump’s anticipated visa rule changes,” a general manager-level employee at a top Indian IT firm said.

NASSCOM chairman and Tech Mahindra CEO C.P. Gurnani said technology would create new roles where “man will manage machines,” even if a fourth of Indian IT jobs were to be replaced by machines over the next four years.

Hiring patterns may also change, with unconventional, high-value graduates likely to be more attractive, to the possible detriment of hiring from India’s engineering colleges.

Infosys, which traditionally recruited only engineering graduates, is considering hiring people educated in liberal arts to add creative skills to its workforce, COO Rao said.

In a first, NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies), the leading Indian IT lobby group, delayed its initial growth forecast for fiscal 2017/18, citing market uncertainty.

NASSCOM officials said it had deferred its predictions by three months to give it time to gauge policy announcements in the United States which could make immigration rules tougher.

The industry body aims to announce a firmer growth forecast after the quarter to March when IT companies report annual earnings and give guidance for the next fiscal year.

“A certain level of … uncertainty will continue over the medium-term,” said NASSCOM President R. Chandrashekhar. “And businesses therefore have to take essential decisions on new technology in the face of a certain degree of uncertainty.”

(Additional reporting by Devidutta Tripathy and Euan Rocha in Mumbai, Sayantani Ghosh and Aby Jose Koilparambil in Bengaluru; Editing by Mike Collett-White)

The Cardinal Rules of SEO

Internet marketing is solely driven by SEO or search engine optimization. SEO refers to the process of gaining an impressive rank in search engine listings. This is very important as it decides the fate of a business. If a website is not SEO-friendly, it cannot expect to rule the online world and achieve what it has set out to. For this reason, it is imperative to follow the cardinal rules of search engine optimization so that you can ensure maximum traffic for your website and increase your profit prospects.

1. A website should be designed keeping the SEO factor in mind. This means the website should be rich in text. Search engines always look for content in a site, not intricate designs or fancy graphics. A website containing adequate text guarantees high visibility in search engine listings.

2. While including title tags on your website, do not restrict it to only the home page. Rather, every page of the site should boast of a title tag. Also, relevant keywords should be used in the title tags in each page depending on what the specific page is all about.

Search Engine Optimization in Phoenix

3. Each page of your website should be optimized for a particular keyword or key phrase and those placed appropriately in the content and heading tags. Special attention has to be given to ascertain the content does not become over-stuffed with keywords. You can also italicize or bold the keywords since search engines instantly recognize such texts.

4. The website content has to be updated from time to time in order to stay afloat in the game of internet marketing. It should be highly relevant and keywords should be used very wisely. This is one of the most basic rules of SEO.

5. There are many people who become obsessed with the Page Rank system of Google thinking it to be directly related to the performance of a website. However, you should remember that well-written content and good SEO are the primary factors that contribute to the success of a website. A website with an impressive PR but poor content and SEO cannot survive for long.

6. Use of frames, JavaScript and flash should be avoided unless it is absolutely imperative. This is because they are not SEO friendly and can affect your ranking significantly.

7. There should be alt tags for all graphics and images used on the website. Relevant keywords ought to be used in the alt tags.

8. The site’s internal architecture deserves special attention. All internal pages of your website should be linked back to the sitemap and homepage. A well-formed internal linking structure and good sitemap can ensure all pages of a website being indexed by a search engine.

9. It is good to manually submit a website for inclusion in search engine but indexing can take a lot of time in such a case. That is why you should search for sites that permit ‘Do Follow’ links and boast of a forum or blog which is regularly updated and is reasonably popular. It should be checked whether the blog permits links in signatures, posts or profiles. The main keyword should be used as the anchor text. This will increase your site’s chance of getting indexed.

10. Quality back links have to be built up to your site for effective SEO. One-way links are the strongest ones in this regard. You can ask site owners to put your link on their websites, include your site in vital directories and so on.

What is Search engine optimization (SEO)?

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Quest motor optimization (SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING) will be the approach of improvising the visibility of the webpage in serps by means of the unpaid seek results. Other varieties of Research Engine Marketing (SEM) are Paid Listings. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION targets unique kinds of seek results beginning from image search, internet research, picture search etcetera.

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It assists mid dimension enterprises to compete on the internet with other enterprises of different sizes really efficiently. This contains all kind of businesses even distinct to regional geographic place. It allows to seize alternatives within the present-day market. By reaching a good rating stance within a investigation motor results, it is possible to divert the world wide web targeted traffic.

Using a appropriate online marketing method, it considers what folks searches for, which phrases are used most for any certain look for, how search engines like google run and so forth. Optimizing a webpage might incorporate enhancing its information along with distinct codes. This could assist the webpage to reflect in queries built by men and women by way of search engines.

Methods used by corporations to entice large targeted targeted visitors, has only one particular intention to improve their type consciousness. It can be centered towards prevalent community to attain beneficial traffic and much better conversion costs. High quality information in a very webpage is the crucial to attract targeted visitors to your web page and with this resource you may rank your sites in initial several pages of research motor.

Some negative methods which must often be avoided are undetectable search phrases, gateway pages, linking to your lousy webpage, optimizing inappropriate keywords and phrases. Learning market place and competitor traits with a standard interval combined with considerably-reaching study perform on keywords would be the elementary methodology which should be to be adopted as a a part of any Internet Marketing method.

Quest motor optimization (SEO) is the software which midsized corporations have created readily offered to grab hold of opportunities inside the current market. The confirmed SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION techniques would assist in raising the targeted visitors by achieving excellent rating in search motor positions. Firms should be sure that their web sites really are a a part of appropriate/related industry directories. The principal gain of using this kind of methods is expense effectiveness, as there is no payment to serps and furthermore no press price is incurred for model promotion.

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Author’s Bio: 

Freelance Writer and Blogger. Passionate about writing on varied topics , specifically SEo tools, online promotion and web marketing tactics.

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A criminologist is someone who studies criminals, their crimes and behaviors. Their job is to investigate these criminal behaviors to predict or prevent the crimes from occurring. Criminologist use sociology, psychology, statistics, and criminal profiling as their tools for studying these crimes. Computer science and writing experience are necessary when creating profiles on criminal offenders. Sociology is the study of people and their social actions. Criminologist use this to study the criminal’s social behavior, problems in the past, childhood, career, experiences, social circle and other social interactions that could drive them to commit crimes. Bad social experiences can lead to psychological problems. 

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Psychology is the study of a person’s mental health and behaviors. Criminologist use this as a tool to study an offender’s mind, intentions, reactions and what made or is making them commit the crimes. Criminals such as murderers have been studied for many years. Some criminal psychologist believe they do not have a conscience, therefore the criminal may not have feelings as to what is right or wrong. Another theory physiologists believe is a criminal’s emotional past and oppressed feelings can lead to criminal behavior. Committing the crime can cause excitement for the offender relieving oppressed feelings or stress. If the offender experiences the crime in this manner they are likely to do it in the future. This is where statistics come into play.

Statistics can be used to help determine how likely it is for the criminal to commit the crime again. If so, where the crime will be committed? Who will be the next victim? What can law enforcements do to prevent it? The statistics used in criminology are gathered from interviews, surveys and evaluations. The criminologist uses these tools to create profiles on the criminals.

Criminal profiling is another tool used by criminologist to investigate criminals who are still at large. Profiling is to aid in solving a crime or finding the criminal. Behaviors, crime locations, and specific evidence are put into the files. This can help determine if the same criminal is committing the crimes. Some offenders have a certain way of committing the crime which can be recorded as a signature.

A criminologist’s education should consist of either a bachelor’s degree in psychology or sociology. In order to use these tools criminologist need to be knowledgeable with writing and describing the criminals for their profiles. They should take some computer science classes for tracking cybercrimes and math classes to learn to use statistics.