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A criminologist is someone who studies criminals, their crimes and behaviors. Their job is to investigate these criminal behaviors to predict or prevent the crimes from occurring. Criminologist use sociology, psychology, statistics, and criminal profiling as their tools for studying these crimes. Computer science and writing experience are necessary when creating profiles on criminal offenders. Sociology is the study of people and their social actions. Criminologist use this to study the criminal’s social behavior, problems in the past, childhood, career, experiences, social circle and other social interactions that could drive them to commit crimes. Bad social experiences can lead to psychological problems. 

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Psychology is the study of a person’s mental health and behaviors. Criminologist use this as a tool to study an offender’s mind, intentions, reactions and what made or is making them commit the crimes. Criminals such as murderers have been studied for many years. Some criminal psychologist believe they do not have a conscience, therefore the criminal may not have feelings as to what is right or wrong. Another theory physiologists believe is a criminal’s emotional past and oppressed feelings can lead to criminal behavior. Committing the crime can cause excitement for the offender relieving oppressed feelings or stress. If the offender experiences the crime in this manner they are likely to do it in the future. This is where statistics come into play.

Statistics can be used to help determine how likely it is for the criminal to commit the crime again. If so, where the crime will be committed? Who will be the next victim? What can law enforcements do to prevent it? The statistics used in criminology are gathered from interviews, surveys and evaluations. The criminologist uses these tools to create profiles on the criminals. 


Criminal profiling is another tool used by criminologist to investigate criminals who are still at large. Profiling is to aid in solving a crime or finding the criminal. Behaviors, crime locations, and specific evidence are put into the files. This can help determine if the same criminal is committing the crimes. Some offenders have a certain way of committing the crime which can be recorded as a signature.

A criminologist’s education should consist of either a bachelor’s degree in psychology or sociology. In order to use these tools criminologist need to be knowledgeable with writing and describing the criminals for their profiles. They should take some computer science classes for tracking cybercrimes and math classes to learn to use statistics.


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